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website development (front end dev)

As well as creating websites with tools such as Wix, I have also used JavaScript, HTML, & CSS to build websites from scratch. Below is my capstone project from my last semester at Fordham. I taught myself JavaScript & CSS in order to fully exercise my computer science & design skills to create my vision.

The Identity Project

Created by Jasmine Plank

We love to label ourselves and each other to be able categorize and describe who we are better. While this can be beneficial in building a sense of belonging in a community, sometimes labels can pressure people to fulfill a label they have either been labeled or decided to label themselves with.


For this project, I wanted to reframe what makes up our "identity". I wanted to focus on our intrinsic identity, our personality, through the lens of the Myers Briggs personality test. Within this test there are 8 different letters or qualities that you can possess: Extroverted(E), Introverted(I), Sensing(S), Intuitive(I), Thinking(T), Feeling(F), Judging(J), Perceiving(P). I have created my own algorithm that generates 20 random questions from the Myers Briggs personality test and based on how you answer, it will generate a unique data visualization that represents of your personality.

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